Where is Bali ?

Where is Bali ? Some people often ask that, for some people who've been to Bali they know that Bali is one of the island or province in the country of Indonesia, Indonesia is in Southeast Asia which is close to the continent of Australia, Bali is in Central Indonesia , Indonesia itself is divided into three time zones, namely: Western Indonesia zone, Central Indonesia zone and eastern Indonesia zone.

So Where is Bali? Okay let's look at a map of the following Asia continent.

where is Bali

Area marked with a red cross that is Bali, It is not difficult to find where is Bali, Bali can be accessed from any point, Land Line, Sea Line or Air Line, When you first came to Bali would be easier if you use an air line from your country, the first you need to is Up On Indonesia Soekarno Hatta Airport in Jakarta , From Jakarta you will be traveling By Air plane Continue to Ngurah Rai Airport Denpasar-Bali.

If you use a landline you can take the bus, time taken to travel from Jakarta - Bali is about 30 hours. With details as follows:

Total Mileage Jakarta-Bali (Denpasar):
Jakarta-Ungaran: ± 450 km
Ungaran-Ketapang: ± 500 km
Ketapang-Bali: ± 150 km
A total of ± 1100 km

The total distance from Jakarta to Bali Time:
Jakarta-Ungaran: ± 10 hours
Ungaran-Ketapang: ± 16 hours
Ketapang-Bali: ± 4 Hours
Total: ± 30 hours

If you Take a bus in the bus station You can ask Where is Bali ? For more safe you should ask to the official

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